Online Earnings

Keep track of my online earnings with me, heck sign up for your own account and earn with me!

Beezag -  One of my new favorites, watch ads, type in the codes and earn points!  Most ads 5 - 10 cents, at $8 (800 points) you can cash out via paypal.  They are adding more rewards.  Sure easy I am only 20 cents away from cash out!  Check the ads several times a day, you never know when more will pop up!
  1. Cashed out $8 - Received  January 10th

My Points - Get paid to open emails (and more) super easy! 
  1. Redeemed $10 Pizza Hut gift card 1/5/2011

ClixSense - Pay Per Click - all ads at least 1cent - I get on average 25 a day (however I am an upgraded account, free accounts will get less about 10 a day.) Download toolbar to get the most clicks!
  1. $13.10 paid via Alert Pay on February 3rd 2011
Current total $1.23  


To the side is my SwagBucks widget, it give you my current total.  SwagBucks is a search engine that pays you for searching, they also give out swagcodes which earn you extra bucks.  I cash out for Amazon cards or Paypal, however there are tons of great prizes!  As I cash out I'll post totals.  (2010 I earned $40 in rewards and that was only sort of trying, this year I am giving it my all and expect to triple that!)
  1. Cashed out $5 Paypal - Received January 27th 2011

Gather - Social Writing - Paid to share photos, videos and articles.  Earn based on views.
My Page 
  1. Cashed out $10 Paypal - Received January 13th 2011
  2. Cashed out $25 Paypal - Pending

YouData - Paid to click.
  1. Received 9 cents on January 14th 2011


This is a fairly new site for me however a very fimilar set up, it's like a more cluttered Gather.  You get paid for sharing photos, blogs, videos, viewing content and the most important one is opening the daily email and answering Jennifer's Daily Blog Topic.  If you do those two things you'll earn up to 1000 tick bucks a day.  I highly recommend if you join going under myTickit and turning off all the emails.  Otherwise you'll get a lot but it's super easy to prevent.  Current earnings are $12.30

Redgage - Similar to Sidetick and Gather but I use to link and promote.
My Profile

Current earnings are $7.47

beRuby - I've just returned to do this.  This site is a great home page, you get paid to visit sites like Facebook.  I recommended you set it as home use it to visit the sites first thing, it's done it's over with and you got paid!  They also over cash back shopping and more check it out!  *The Earn for viewing under advertisers are the daily clicks there are 14 including facebook, twitter, cnn, yahoo and more*

Current earnings are $2.66

SuperLucky Button - this is one of those super easy programs, all you do is click the button earn points.  Each point is worth a penny, depending on what level you are decided when you can cash out.  You also earn off your referrals, so it's a great one to share.  They pay out in gift cards (Amazon included) and paypal.  I usually get my Paypal the Monday after I request it.  I've been paid be them several times and love them!

2012 earnings - $15 in January (Only played when I remembered)