Thursday, January 26, 2012

Been a while huh?

As we all know, life likes to get in the way of our best laid plans.  The past year has been one of many upheavals.  It's now however 2012 and I am going to make this year work for me.  Since so much has changed a few things will be changing here on the blog, there have been requests for Martin's Coupon Match Up.  I am going to try and give this four solid weeks and then see how it works.

I do wish to continue my mission of saving money, getting out of debt and helping others do the same.  I have some ideas I'll be playing with, some may stick others will fade.  The Crash Debt Diet will be restarted, so watch for updates there.

In short what I am saying is stick around!  Charges, for the better of course, are about to happen!  :0)