Tuesday, February 15, 2011

BeRuby promo

Hello all my fantastic followers!

It's a beautiful morning here in Virginia, I was able to get up and out early enough to complete some clearance shopping at Target.  Later there will be a great article on Gather about it.  Till then I just found out about an amazing promo being run!

BeRuby is one of my favorite sites, I always ask people do you get paid for your first visit to Facebook a day?  What about Twitter, youtube, CNN, Yahoo, Gmail?  Usually by that point they are interested and I can stop name dropping.  I move on to explaining that by making BeRuby paid for visiting your homepage you can earn money for visiting the sites you already do anyway!  Ok you won't get rich but it's free money and right now you aren't getting any of it.  I move on to it's easy to sign up, free and they really pay.  Plus you can earn more by shopping and signing up for other offers, but hey it's a quick way to earn a few cents each day.  Why let Facebook hog ALL the profits?

And why am I giving you my sales pitch?  Because right now it pays to give it!  For each new sign up you get 10 cents!  That ads up quick.  So what are you waiting for, if you haven't signed up do so below!  Once you do or if you already have promote it!  Under your My Network tab you'll see all the tools to do so!


Plus as a complete bonus and I wasn't even aware of it at the time, when you sign up for BeRuby under me you earn a bonus entry into our giveaway!

That's why I am giving you the sales pitch, now is the most beneficial time to sign up and get rewarded!  Cashout is $10 - not too bad!  :0)

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