Monday, January 10, 2011

The shopping Gods are tempting me!

It's true, there are shopping Gods and they are trying to get me to shop.  They are in cahoots with the Debt Trolls who informed them that I could really use some more yoga pants.  This week seriously every flyer I pick up has yoga pants on sale!

Old Navy - $12  Target - $15    Even evil Walmart!

Now I am not allowed to buy anything that isn't a dire need or practically free and will need.  This means I had to ask myself, can you live with the amount of yoga pants you already have?  You did just get a new pair for Christmas.  I can indeed live with 2 pairs.   Are the almost free?  Nope.  Can you get a better price if you wait?!  Probably.

This means there will be no shopping for yoga pants this week, but I must say the trolls they know where to hit me.  :0)

What about you are the shopping God's tempting you?  How do you fend them off?

Score Trolls 0 / Me 1
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