Thursday, January 26, 2012

Been a while huh?

As we all know, life likes to get in the way of our best laid plans.  The past year has been one of many upheavals.  It's now however 2012 and I am going to make this year work for me.  Since so much has changed a few things will be changing here on the blog, there have been requests for Martin's Coupon Match Up.  I am going to try and give this four solid weeks and then see how it works.

I do wish to continue my mission of saving money, getting out of debt and helping others do the same.  I have some ideas I'll be playing with, some may stick others will fade.  The Crash Debt Diet will be restarted, so watch for updates there.

In short what I am saying is stick around!  Charges, for the better of course, are about to happen!  :0)


Thursday, March 3, 2011

50 in March!

For the month of March I have a goal!  I want to get the word out about my business since I've taken a little time off, best way to do that, pass out catalogs!  I have a goal of 50 Catalogs and a few rules so I don't "cheat".
  1. No more than 5 catalogs at any one location.
  2. Always ask that it is ok to leave them, as a bonus this lets you talk about your business to a person!
  3. Check back at a later date to see if they are still there or if it needs refilled.
  4. Think outside the box, visit places I normally don't to increase my chances of being seen.
  5. Have fun with it!
  6. Watch your phone and email for contacts!
So far this month I've passed out 9 catalogs!  :0)  I've created this cute little ticker so you all can track with me.

In April I plan to have a flyer quota!  :0)  I also ordered the new catalogs today, excited to see what they will look like!  :0)

How about it any tips for passing out catalogs? 

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

$10 Amazon Giftcard from Viewpoints!

I opened my email today to find yet another awesome Promo going on!

I am a big fan of a site called Viewpoints, in short it's a site about product reviews.  We all know how I enjoy trying and reviewing products, well this is one of the ways I am paid to do it!  Often times the site will run promos they vary from write a review on this product line enter to win the newest model, write X amount of reviews in these categories and receive this reward and so on.

As of Feb 14th until Feb 23rd writing 10 reviews of 900 characters in the following categories will get you a $10 Amazon gift card.  And they really do pay IF you meet all the requirements!  I always make sure I do 11 or 12 900 character (I try for 1000 characters) reviews just in case one doesn't count.
  • Home & Garden
  • Kitchen (Excluding food and beverage)
  • Family & Pets
  • Health & Beauty
  • Computers & Electronics
Reviews must be original (no copying!) and about real products.  The gift cards are sent to the email address you register with, within 30 days of promo ending.

My tips on writing a good review
  1. Pick a product you know well, something you love or hate!
  2. Tell your personal story - why you bought it, did you get a free sample, coupon, did someone recommend it to you. 
  3. Explain how you used it - great idea for toys, how did your kids play with them.
  4. Tell us why or why you wouldn't recommend it.
  5. Did it hold up to it's advertising/promises
  6. If its for kids were the ages appropriate
  7. Keep it light and fun, don't bog us down with something that sounds like a sales pitch!
  8. Do your best, write a review you are proud of!
When you get over there look me up - SabriniaPatton   As I have said I've completed this promo before and received my gift card as promised.  I think it's well worth the time!

BeRuby promo

Hello all my fantastic followers!

It's a beautiful morning here in Virginia, I was able to get up and out early enough to complete some clearance shopping at Target.  Later there will be a great article on Gather about it.  Till then I just found out about an amazing promo being run!

BeRuby is one of my favorite sites, I always ask people do you get paid for your first visit to Facebook a day?  What about Twitter, youtube, CNN, Yahoo, Gmail?  Usually by that point they are interested and I can stop name dropping.  I move on to explaining that by making BeRuby paid for visiting your homepage you can earn money for visiting the sites you already do anyway!  Ok you won't get rich but it's free money and right now you aren't getting any of it.  I move on to it's easy to sign up, free and they really pay.  Plus you can earn more by shopping and signing up for other offers, but hey it's a quick way to earn a few cents each day.  Why let Facebook hog ALL the profits?

And why am I giving you my sales pitch?  Because right now it pays to give it!  For each new sign up you get 10 cents!  That ads up quick.  So what are you waiting for, if you haven't signed up do so below!  Once you do or if you already have promote it!  Under your My Network tab you'll see all the tools to do so!

Plus as a complete bonus and I wasn't even aware of it at the time, when you sign up for BeRuby under me you earn a bonus entry into our giveaway!

That's why I am giving you the sales pitch, now is the most beneficial time to sign up and get rewarded!  Cashout is $10 - not too bad!  :0)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Giveaway - Shop Your Closet

I would like to first take a moment and apologize, it's been a while since my last blog.  As many of you know we lost our dog Nala suddenly.  If you would like to read the full story I shared it here on Gather, I would type it all out but it still makes me emotional!  Thanks to everyone for the support, it means a lot!

Now moving on!  One of the things I am doing for my new year resolutions is cleaning out clutter!  While doing so I found a book, a book that my followers might enjoy!  A while back I got the chance to do a review on a book called Shop Your Closet by Melanie Charlton Fascitelli, it's a fantastic book about how organize and use what you have to create a new look.  It's got tons of great tips and is very much an easy read, I read it in a day.

Now I feel I have learned all the knowledge within it's pages lets pass it on to a new reader!

How to enter -  Each entry is one comment below, if you do more than one entry this means you leave more than one comment.  See the examples below on format of the comments.

Mandatory Entry - must be completed first for any additional entries to count - follow my blog on Google Friend Connect OR Networked Blogs.

Bonus entries -
  1. Follow on the other (if you used Networked Blogs for your first entry, follow on Google Friend Connect for the 2nd and vis versa).
  2. Share this contest on your blog, social media or any other site that allows you to do so - Post link below - one entry each share.
  3. Like my business page on Facebook
  4. Friend us on Twitter
  5. Tweet this giveaway - can be done once a day. (after tweeting click on the time and post the url in your comment)
  6. Comment on this Gather Article
  7. A bonus bonus entry - Join Swagbucks via the box to the left and complete registration for a bonus entry.  If you've already joined Swagbucks under me you get the bonus entry too!
Tweet Example -  Enter to win Shop Your Closet @overcoming2011

Entry Example - I follow you on Networked Blogs -  myemailadress at whoever dot com.  <~ spreading out your email this way prevents bots from finding it.

OR if you prefer to be contacted via Facebook leave your Facebook Name than FB - Example - I follow your on Google Friend - Sabrinia Patton FB

Contest ends February 13th 2011 at 10 PM Eastern Standard time - Winner will be announced February 14th.  You will have 48 hours to respond with Shipping Information.

I will double check all entries!  If this goes well you can expect more giveaways maybe even a Tomboy Tool!  :0)~

And the winner is Janet "Jax"  - Congrats!

PS the only reward I am receiving from this giveaway is good karma for preventing this from ending up in a landfill and one less item to care for in my home.

Monday, January 10, 2011

The shopping Gods are tempting me!

It's true, there are shopping Gods and they are trying to get me to shop.  They are in cahoots with the Debt Trolls who informed them that I could really use some more yoga pants.  This week seriously every flyer I pick up has yoga pants on sale!

Old Navy - $12  Target - $15    Even evil Walmart!

Now I am not allowed to buy anything that isn't a dire need or practically free and will need.  This means I had to ask myself, can you live with the amount of yoga pants you already have?  You did just get a new pair for Christmas.  I can indeed live with 2 pairs.   Are the almost free?  Nope.  Can you get a better price if you wait?!  Probably.

This means there will be no shopping for yoga pants this week, but I must say the trolls they know where to hit me.  :0)

What about you are the shopping God's tempting you?  How do you fend them off?

Score Trolls 0 / Me 1
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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Cleaning out the Cupboards.

I've been so depressed today after finding out that we won't be able to modify our home, that I decided to focus on one of the other Resolutions.  I am finding have more than one is useful, today if I had only the debt resolution I would have given up. Instead I tackled a big project and now I have renewed hope that I will meet all of my resolutions this year.

The local consignment shop sent out an email asking for housewares, this was the perfect motivator for me!  I haven't cleared out my kitchen in at least a year.  My bottom corner cabinet was becoming a landslide of bowls every time I opened it.  I took an hour out of my morning while I was baking cookies and accomplished all of this!

If you would like to see the full story, before pictures & video click here to visit my Gather article.